Introducing BREAKER - Live audio's first morphing finite state machine (MFSM) module



BREAKER is a live performance control system currently exclusively for use in FL Studio. It is one submodule of control of the audio industries first functional Morphing Finite State Machine (MFSM) - Created by COLL3CTO for use in his live rig, designed specifically for live improvisation of percussion elements, but can be used to manipulate anything with an audio signal. In its own unique and original style this legendary application presents unprecedented speed, accuracy, and rate of navigation for live audio performances and other improvisational environments. Eliminating the gap between expressive performances and the frustrations of feeling unexpressed during and after a  performance. BREAKER is far more than just a patcher preset, it can be used as its own reprogrammable live performance mode, in any FL or higher project, without having to permanently lock the project into the official image-line performance mode options.  BREAKER also enhances the performance mode concept by giving access of control to an additional 35 patterns per key over 8 octaves for a total of 3,456  perfectly warp phased signal bending effects. You can navigate more data at a quicker rate not found in the original application release or within FL studio currently, with modern methods of signaling incorporated for fast editing of your live performance moments. We engineered the ability to grow past the initial 96 factory presets into 35 additional patterns per key bank, allowing one to bring in elements of current, past and future performances, with you in part of your first forever machine. You can switch from one master set of performance signal patterns to another with ease using our control system.


Instantly available are 96 original and classic signal patterns found in hip-hop, drum n bass, breakbeat, trap, and dubstep, along with 12 keys used for the breakdown of “KING OF THE BEAT” - COLL3CTO.  Essentially turning each key into its own crossfader and solving the “retrigger” or start from the beginning only dilemma found across every product in the industry for live performance. We have used a mechanical engineering technique alongside a unique time based rendering solution to make perfectly known a new type of navigation within a MFSM - phase warping, warp phase, or the phase warp. This approach loads each key and renders the audio as stored energy, allowing you to release the stored energy at the press of a button, a click of a mouse, or the triggering of a midi note with FL. In its original and most powerful mode, the monophonic mode, only the last key pressed is the active key, meaning, if you were to roll your fist across multiple keys at once, the last key your hand comes across contains within it the information and control signal necessary to silence all others currently being pressed before it. Meaning, no matter how many keys you press at once, you are only going to have one active key at a time. We also have a poly mode, which is not recommended for live performances due to the sensitive nature of the application. 

Uniquely you can phase between across effects in a quantized state of time. Mix a blend of your favorite beats for greater drum variations instead of being limited to a brutally long and time consuming process of programming the drummer by hand one hit at a time.

You can adjust the current bank in use by a simple bank## knob parameter variable included in BREAKER. It remains in unison in its state of control, so as you change the current bank## of one, you change the phase variable of all 96 at once, moving the entirety of the state machine into a different state, at the same time. Each key has built in its performance mode setting variables a waveshape as the deciding element as to how sub parameters are controlled. The current and only setting in use is a render only while pressed and disabled while released.  You can reprogram the waveshapes to build your own unique system, most of the hard work has been done for you already, the only thing left is your imagination.

BREAKER is the result of years of experience of live performance using FL studio and is the final solution, to building a more comprehensive and condensed industry standard and finalized approach for live electronic performance and set building for performance design and also live improvisation. This is to be used alongside RIFFLAUNCHER (coming soon) for a complete live performance experience. There is no part of us that is left wanting more or being bored of anything or reaching for something that’s not there, all that remains while using these is the thrill of the performance.

You can turn a 1 bar loop into an entire performance.

The current BREAKER installer is included as a patcher preset, future versions will be as a standalone vst to be used in any DAW. A copy of FL studio or higher is required to use this leading tool of live performance.


96 programs not only contain pattern information but also, parameters settings known as a patchbank. When the sequencer is turned on, input notes C0 to B8 will trigger each program simultaneously, loading the audio information into the key as stored energy awaiting to be released by the actions of the operator. You can manually change the program, sequence or patch with the mouse or other means directly. 

Instantly switch between different programs and patterns made up of completely different performance styles and techniques, using a combination of both the local 96 programs loaded into the input notes C0-B8, alongside with the stored 35 bank## parameter settings, you, the performer, get to decide the performance and combination of the sequences. Each program can be reprogrammed, and acts as its own instance of a patch bank permanently tied to that specific key, however, you can import and export data if you wish to load different banks into different keys, and have keys share a common bank functionality.

The BREAKER complete control system allows creation and rapid navigation of audio signal patterns designed for performances. A sequence can be set to repeat and render any real-time glitch, gating, repeat, scratching, stutter, or beat programming. 

Primary mode with many unique properties

Mono - Last key pressed will override all others being held resulting in only itself producing the output signal. There can only be one A.K.A highlander mode

 System requirements

Official FL Studio version registration or higher needed.

BREAKER works exclusively inside FL Studio

General FL Studio system requirements apply